Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Weekend Recap

We had a super long weekend with a PA Day on Friday and Family Day on Monday.  Dave and E went skiing on Friday and I went to E's school to meet with his teacher for parent/teacher interviews (he got his report card last week).  

This is his cubby.

After stopping at the LBCO and the bakery to pick up some buns, I picked up Q and we met Dave and E at home.  I had already made chili for our supper the night before, so we just had to heat that up.
Q taking a selfie.

He liked the chili and buns.

Some silliness before bed with E in Q's crib.

Dave and I watched a movie, Darkest Hour, and then watched the Olympics that we recorded.  It was much better that way so we could fast forward to the parts we really wanted to see. 

It was back to the slopes for E and Dave on Saturday morning and this time they took our friend Mark along too.  

Q and I went swimming.

After Q's nap we went to Sail and Sportchek so I could look at ski jackets and pants for myself.  I found the one I wanted but I'm still trying to decide if I want the bright red/orange.  I didn't buy anything but I was glad I could try some on.

Leftover chili for lunch.

In the afternoon I watched a couple of episodes of Queer Eye on Netflix.  We ordered Chinese food for supper which was a nice treat.

E and I built some things on the floor while we watched curling after supper. 

On Sunday we did our usual church and run, and then home for a nap. I did some cleaning up, and then Dave and E went off to Sail and Costco. 

Check out the hat/beard that Dave's cousin in Cape Breton made and sent for E.  He looks ready for St. Patrick's Day!

After Q's nap we went for a walk up the street to pick up some food.  We were getting home just as Dave and E pulled in, so they played outside for a few minutes before coming inside (E stood in one spot, Dave talked to his parents on FaceTime, and E tried to destroy the snowbank in the backyard).  

E and I made brownies after supper and Q "helped" with the dishes.

I let him lick the spatula.

Another late night watching the Olympics, but we did squeeze in the newest David Letterman episode with George Clooney.

On Monday morning, we went down to the CBC building on Front Street for their Olympic themed Family Day activities.  We arrived at the right time, we went through all of the activities and then it started getting more crowded. 

Snowboard simulation.

Peter Mansbridge Hall!

Trying out the curling

Sledge Hockey Demo

Dad's turn with the curling

We met the Olympic mascot and Q loved him!

We had a little snack and watched a replay of Scott and Tessa's short program

Sitting with Glenn Gould before leaving. 

E also coloured these pages while we were there. 

We ordered some burgers from Woody's on our way home and picked them up for lunch.  We had an easy afternoon but then decided to sneak in some swimming at our local pool before supper.   I didn't take any pictures there but we all had fun, and since we went near the end, it wasn't overly crowded.  Our evening ended with stories, tidying up, and of course, more Olympics!

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