Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Weekend Recap

On Friday night, Dave went to the Raptors game, so the boys and I had pizza for supper and then chilled out on the couch before bedtime. I love the way that Q crosses his feet when he's sitting here. We also made some chocolate chip cookies that we could all enjoy, and I packed up Dave and E's lunch for skiing.  After they went to bed, I watched the Bobsled and Big Air finals and went to bed early myself.

We were a little slow getting going for swimming, but we were only a little late. This blurry photo was taken when we were leaving to go home. 

While Q napped, I tidied up the house and watched an episode of Queer Eye.  Then we went to the grocery store and the library.

Leftover pasta and pizza for lunch.

Q napped again and I put all of the groceries away and tidied up again before a friend came over to visit with her little guy.  He was born a couple of weeks before Q and we hung out a number of times during our mat leaves. 

I made a chicken curry with apples and raisins in it for supper, it was simple but tasty and everyone enjoyed it.  Dave and I watched the Olympic skating gala and then Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing Missouri.  It was a great movie and I think Sam Rockwell will win an Oscar for his performance, he was amazing. 

On Sunday morning I asked E for a photo or two since I had none of him from the day before.  This is what I got:

We skipped church because E had a friend's birthday party to attend.  Dave went for a run and to the driving range.  Q and I went to Wal-Mart and donated baby clothes to a thrift shop supported by our church. 

After some quiet time on the couch, we headed outside to enjoy the sunshine and warmer temperatures. 

Shrimp noodles and ice cream sandwiches for dessert, a hit all around. 

Some tidying up, bath time, nail clipping, and robot building before bed.  

I was looking forward to an early night now that the Olympics are over, but then we remembered The Walking Dead and had to stay up to watch that. 

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  1. Pure love...sunshine and happy faces! And,again, I am smiling! 💗