Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Weekend Recap

I had a morning meeting on Friday morning in Markham so going back to the office at 12:30 wasn't worthwhile, so I took a detour to Yorkdale.  I stopped in at Nordstrom but didn't buy anything, and to my chagrin the anthropologie store has closed there!  Then I picked up E early from school so we could go and get his haircut (with a quick stop at Starbucks of course).

This was what he wanted for a cut and it turned out really well!

Dave made steak sandwiches with caramelized onions for supper and they were delicious!  After the boys went to bed we watched The Florida Project.  It was okay but it reminded me a lot of Moonlight, which may or may not describe what I mean. 

Saturday morning came early. Dave and E went skiing and Q and I went swimming, as usual.  Then we tidied up the house before heading out to do some errands. 

Selfies on the couch after nap time. 

We treated ourselves to McDonalds; Q figured out the dipping sauces for his nuggets pretty quickly, and then dipped his fingers in too.

One of my friends and her baby girl came over for some tea and sweets and a visit.  Then the boys got home.  I had bough a pre-made chicken pot pie from Max's Market for our supper so that was easy!  

On Sunday morning E decided to stay home for church and he and Dave went sledding instead.  I had done a grocery order for pick up on my way home from church, so when we all got home we didn't have to go out for the rest of the day.

E worked on his workbook

Then we made some Wookie Cookies (which are those non-baked chocolate, oatmeal, and coconut cookies).

Then we put on the Super Bowl.  We made wings for our supper, and then after Q went to bed, we made nachos.  We let E stay up to watch the halftime show and then he went to bed.  We were happy to see Tom Brady lose the Eagles win.  I stayed up afterwards to watch This is Us. 

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