Friday, March 16, 2018

Friday Favourites

A few favourite things to wrap up this week. 

It was March Break and although we didn't go anywhere, E and I did have a fun day on Monday when he came to my office with me and then we went to a hockey game.  

My impression of Stephen Hawking from The Theory of Everything movie was that he was a little bit of jerk, but you cannot deny his contribution to our world.  He had an amazing mind and accomplished so much.  I saw this cartoon and I loved it.  He is free of his physical limitations now.

Earlier this week I was telling someone about our trip to Ireland so I thought I would repost a summary of that trip here - fitting since St. Patrick's Day is tomorrow.  

Speaking of St. Patrick's Day we have some special food plans around here, like we usually do. Tonight we are going to make potato soup and soda bread, and I've picked up the ingredients to make these squares.  Yum!

We aren't super into College Basketball but I like a good bracket so I printed off some March Madness ones and we'll see how it goes.  

Dave found this clip on Twitter, someone matched The Office theme song with the Raptors.  You can access it through this link

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