Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Mom and E's Day of Fun!

E and I spent the day together yesterday and when I thought of the title of this post, I couldn't help but remember this episode of Friends:

It was the first day of March Break and E came to work with me for the morning.  He picked out this dress shirt and made sure to do his hair.

Maybe his real feeling about going to the office.

In the elevator.

We walked around so I could show him the office and introduce him to people.  He hasn't been in the office for about 3 years so some people were surprised at how big he has gotten.  He came with me to meet with my client at 8:45.  And then we went into the supply room and he picked out each  piece of coloured paper and made some artwork. 

Luckily someone brought in donuts so we quickly went over and grabbed one.

He then put all of my recycling in the shredding bin and asked a few other people if he could put their recycling in the bin too.  He enjoyed doing that and it is a good help.

We had a firm lunch in the boardroom and E dug right into the sandwiches, vegetables, and sushi.  This is him on the way out with his monster creations. 

We stopped in at home and dropped off the car and hopped on the subway to head down to the Air Canada Centre for a Marlies hockey game.

Excellent seats - Section 110, Row 7.  The tickets were arranged through E's school.  We had expected a bunch of people to be there that we knew but only one of his friends was there.  We weren't sure if just no one else came or if we were spread out around the theatre.

It was so much fun to be so close to the action.  This was warm up, the stands filled up for the game.  Not bad for a Monday afternoon AHL game.

E and his friend

He tried hard to dance and get on the Jumbotron but to no avail.  We had some popcorn and licorice and it was a fun afternoon. 

Posing with the statues on the way home.

With E and Dave skiing on Saturdays all winter, it was nice to have some E and Mom time!

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  1. What a great day! For you to have E at work with you and then to get out for fun in the afternoon together!