Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Week in the Life Post

I saw this idea on Shay's blog where she did a week in the life post, rather than a day in the life.  I thought it was a good way to give you a glimpse into our life.  This was last week, and it was pretty typical with a few different things.

I showered on Sunday night to get my week started off right, then I can spend less time getting ready in the morning.

I was up at 6:30 and did my hair and make up while E entertained Q in his room.  Then we all headed downstairs.  I try to things in this order so I don't get confused about what to do first (!): make coffee, make E's lunch, then my lunch, breakfast for Q, then E, then me.  On this day E had leftover noodles and I had leftover curry.  While I got it all ready, E practiced his spelling words.

A typical breakfast for Q - cereal, muffin and banana.  E had the same.  I had a bagel.

Dave goes into his office on Mondays so he was up and dressed and we all headed out.  I drive the kids to school on Mondays.

I enjoyed the sun streaming through my office window that morning.  I had a few specific things I needed to get done in the morning, which I like.  It is easier to start the week when you have work to dive right into.

I ate lunch in my office because I wanted to finish my book, but I usually eat in the lunchroom with others.

A mid-afternoon snack and coffee.

Picked up E from school and snapped a photo.  He was eating a chocolate leftover from the birthday party he went to the day before.   Then we picked up Q.

The mess after school and work. 

Dave got home mid-afternoon so he made us a frittata for supper.

Everyone went downstairs to play before bed.

I had a chiropractor appointment that evening.  I stopped into the library because I thought my hold book was there, but it wasn't.  I picked up a green tea on my way home and sipped on that while I read a book for a little while.

Then Dave and I watched Lady Bird and went to bed. 

We got up at about 6:30 on this day too, and Dave took the boys downstairs while I got ready for work.  I packed up E's lunch, this time leftover quiche, and then everyone left the house together as Dave was driving the kids to school.

It was a nice sunny day again which was nice.  I usually do yoga on Tuesdays at lunch but last week I took a break and went to the mall instead.  I picked up a spring coat for E and then picked up some running shoes for Dave.  He had ordered them online at The Bay and selected the pick up in store option, which is what I was there to do.  However it was a bit of a disaster when I tried to get them.  First I didn't know where to go and had to ask two people, then the staff at the "customer service" desk didn't know how to look up online orders, and then we figured out it wasn't actually ready.  So I ended up just going over to the shoe department and buying them, and Dave just cancelled his online order.  Very frustrating.  

Cookies and coffee mid-afternoon. 

I rushed home from work so we could eat quickly and E and I could go to the last soccer game.  Dave had fajitas ready for us when I walked in the door.  I was the coach of E's team and we had a great season.  The kids were all very good-natured and some are already little superstars on the field (gym floor).
(Modelling his new spring jacket)

#11 just like his mama! (perhaps with some influence on picking that number)

Our team

Then home to rest on the couch where we watched the new CBC drama Caught.

Q woke up with a fairly bad diaper rash so he was a little teary when he finally sat down to breakfast.  

E worked on his spelling again while I got breakfast ready. 

I drove the kids to school and in between dropping Q off at daycare and E off at school, I hit the mirror of a parked car.  The road is pretty narrow and I have been so careful all winter when it became even narrower with the snow banks, but I guess I got too cocky and didn't pay attention to where I was going.  I pulled over, took a couple of photos, and left a note.  Then after I took E to school I stopped by home so Dave could take a look at our car, but he just popped our mirror back in and there was no damage.  Oops!

I worked hard all morning as I tried to bill a few more hours on the last day of the month.

I attended a lunch and learn so I had catered lunch and we heard about some IP law topics for business lawyers.  I had to leave work early to go to another chiropractor appointment, and then I picked up Q.

E has swimming on Wednesdays so Dave picks him up and takes him.  Q helped me make supper (or rather he lost my page in the cookbook about 10 times)

After our supper of chickpea and sweet potato curry, Q had a bath and then I went to get gas in the Santa Fe and then to the grocery store.

I made pizza lasagna for our supper for the next night but switched out the meat for Yves products.    It turned out pretty well and smelled just like pizza.

Then Dave and I watched a bit of TV before going to bed.

We were up early and Dave left for his trip to Arizona by 7:00.  We did the usual breakfast and lunch routine and then out the door.  I told E I wanted to take his picture by the door at school so he posed by the side door and the front door.

Because Dave didn't need coffee before he left, I didn't make a pot, and instead stopped by Starbucks to treat myself to a coffee there instead. I also went to Shoppers to get some wipes and diaper cream for Q.

I did go to yoga on Thursday at lunch, this is me on way with my mat and block. The yoga is in a neighbouring office building so it is very convenient to pop over at lunch.

I picked everyone up pretty early because we had to get home to eat supper before E's choir practice.  E got 10/10 on his spelling test, the practice paid off!

We ate our lasagna that I had prepared the night before, and then went to church for choir.  It was a challenge to keep Q occupied during the practice, I didn't want him to distract the kids who were singing, and I didn't want him making too much noice.  Eventually he just visited each pew, paged through a hymn book, and them moved onto the next one

After we got home, I let E download a new game on the iPad because he got 100% on his test, and then after he went to bed, I got myself some chips and wine and put on the Bachelor so I could catch up.

We got some snow overnight but it wasn't very much in the end, and less than everyone thought we were supposed to get.  

Coming downstairs

I dropped both kids off early because I needed to get to Markham for a meeting at 8:30.  I was later leaving than I wanted to be but the roads were clear and I arrived on time.  I think people had decided to stay home because of the "snow" and then when it turned out not to be very much, the rest of us on the roads were alone. 

My meeting went until about 1:00 and then I grabbed some lunch at Panera with some of other folks from the meeting.  I grabbed a couple of groceries on my way home.  I put on an episode of Queer Eye and then Downton Abbey (the series finale) and made our lunches for skiing, and called it a week!  Phew!

Thanks for reading through all of that.  These are always my favourite posts of others to read, so I hope you enjoyed a peek into our everyday lives!
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