Wednesday, March 14, 2018

How We Wednesday

Today's topic is how we mom fail and live to tell about it.

This is a tough one because what I would consider a fail may be regular life for someone else and I don't want to insult anyone.  Some things like that may be too many packaged snacks in E's lunch, or letting him play on the iPad for too long, or allowing Q to have his soother through the day just to keep him quiet.

And vice versa, what others may consider fails, are just choices we have made. Like E isn't a great at skating and we have never been to Disney World.

Other things are not really fails, just accidents that happen.  Like a few weeks ago Q slipped on his pajama pants and fell into a toy and cut his gum.  I did see that the bottom of his pants had fallen around his feet and that he sometimes slips like that, and I didn't hop right up to fix it, but is that really a "fail"?  The win was really that I didn't freak out at all of the blood and calmed him down to assess the situation and then realized he was fine and didn't need a trip to the ER, and responsibly followed up with a dentist the next day.

I'm sure I will read through some other posts in the link up and think of some more ideas, but really I'm going to take it easy on myself and say I'm not really failing at anything, just getting through the life.

I did write about some "momfesional" moments in 2016 here and they are still relevant.  I am not good at brushing Q's teeth and we still have to hide the chips Dave and I eat after the kids go to bed.

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