Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Happy Birthday Dave!

We are celebrating Dave's birthday today (well, for the past couple of days we have done special things).  Dave is a great guy and we celebrate him all year round, but on days like today I get to brag little more.  Dave makes friends everywhere he goes, he loves to make people laugh, he says ridiculous things, he likes to eat candy, he is determined at working out and running, he loves watching and playing sports, especially golf, he is mindful of our household budget, he likes to keep things neat and tidy, he always thinks "the more the merrier", and he loves us to bits!

We love you too Dad/Dave!! Happy Birthday!

As a little bonus, I interviewed E about Dave.  I did this same thing last year. My words are in italics.

What is something Dad says a lot?
I'm going for a run.

What makes Dad happy?

What makes him sad?
When we go on a trip and he stays home.
Do we ever do that?
No, but it would make him sad I think.

How tall is Dad?
As big as that door I think.

How old is he?

What is his favourite thing to do?
Go for runs, I think.

What makes him proud of you?
When I kiss him.

What is his favourite food?
I don't know all this!
Love is a food?
Yes! That's what I want to say.

Does he have a favourite child?
Yes, me!  I think.

If Dad could go anywhere, where would it be?

What is his favourite song?
My favourite song?  Maybe it's my favourite song.  TNT?

What is his favourite movie?
Star Wars
Any particular one?
All of them!

Where was Dad born?
In Halifax

What is his favourite show to watch?

Who is Dad's best friend?

What scares Dad?

How would you describe Dad to your friends?
He's tall and he can touch the ceiling in our house.  And he eats chicken a lot.

Anything else to add?
Yes, what is his favourite game?  I think it's Quirkle.

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  1. Enjoy celebrating with this great guy, today, and all year! 💗 E had some spot on answers !