Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Weekend Recap

You can tell that Spring is slowly making its way here.  We had blue skies and slightly warmer weather on the weekend.  On Friday I pciked up Q first so he could spend some time playing at the schoolyard when we picked up E.  He chased this basketball around for a little bit.

On Friday night we watched the Raptors game and some Netflix.  On Saturday morning I was up early to go to my workout at 7:30.  When I got back, E and I went on a walk to find an Easter tree.

I love having bits of nature to explore even in the middle of a big city.  In case you're wondering, both of his feet got muddy and wet after playing in this puddle, which is why he wore his old sneakers.  

When we got back Q was up from his nap so we played in the backyard while I cleaned up the leaves and Dave tidied the garage. 

Mats only at this driving range, haha.

After lunch and during nap time, I put up our Easter decorations. See them all here.

Then we met our neighbours and went on a little adventure.  In this unassuming strip on Geary Avenue are a couple of very neat spots. 

First stop was Parallel where they make their own tahini and serve some very delicious Middle Eastern snacks.  This warrants a repeat visit for brunch sometime!

They were all out of hummus (very busy that day) so we got the goat cheese dip and falafel. 

Then we went down a few doors to The Greater Good, a bar with about 16 craft beers on tap, an in house pizzeria (North of Brooklyn Pizzeria), and free arcade games upstairs (caveat, the Skeeball and Pinball cost $1 and $2 respectively). When we arrived our group was the only one with kids so we had the run of the place.  We got some pizza for everyone and then it started filling up fast with  families.  The crowd just made it more fun since our kids weren't the only crazy people in the place ;)

My turn at Pinball!

Q chowed down on my his pizza.

The train tracks ran right behind the restaurant so Q watched from the window.

We popped into Blood Brothers Brewing to pick up some bottles to bring home.  This was just down the street and some of the ones we tried at The Greater Good.

A little dabbing outside.

Everyone was pretty happy even though it was time to leave so it was a successful afternoon. 

On Sunday E was living his best life wearing only underwear and snuggled in the blankets.  Q had gone down for a nap and Dave went for a run, so I napped for 45 minutes before it was time to go to church.

At church E was lighting the candle and leading the liturgy all by himself.  He needed a little prompting but he did well to stand up there and speak into the microphone. 

He also sang with the junior choir, so it was a busy morning for him!

After lunch I picked up some groceries and then we played outside and walked to the park.

We kept up our habit of eating salad on Sunday nights.  This time I used some of the tahini we got at Parallel the day before and made a lemon tahini dressing for this salad.  Delicious!

A shared popsicle before bed.

My favourite kind of weekend!

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