Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Weekend Recap

Dave was away this weekend enjoying some golf and sunshine in Arizona.  On Friday afternoon we played outside for a few minutes before going inside.  Q loves being outside and hates being dragged away when it is time to go somewhere.  It will be great when it is warmer and we can spend even more time outside.  

I got everything ready for skiing and then watched most of Phantom Thread, but decided it was wiser to go to bed early than watch the whole thing. 

I was up early to make sure everything was set up before 7:00 so I could register for Toronto rec programs.  It sometimes can take up to 45 minutes to get logged in, but this time I was successful in about 5 minutes and got the two camps and one swimming session I wanted for E.

Because we had some extra time we could watch a couple of shows before hitting the road.

We met our friends up on the hill and they took E for a couple of runs before the races started.  Q kept himself entertained walking back and forth on the bench, drinking water, and eating snacks.  

Then we suited up and walked over to the base of the race course.

Here comes E!  Tucking to the bottom.

While we waited for the next run, this little guy couldn't stay awake and fell asleep in my arms.

I actually laid him down for a little bit and he did not wake up.  I only left him there for a little while and then held him again.  

E's race group

After the races, Q and I had lunch while E waited for the podium awards.  Then I put Q up in the daycare (where he only cried for a few minutes) and went back to pick up E.  We had lunch and then went skiing for the afternoon.  It was my first time up on the hill this year and we had a good time!

I even managed a few jumps in the terrain park!

Hopped in the car and had the make the mandatory stop at Tim Hortons.

Everyone was tired when we got home, but E and I did sneak in some ice cream eaten directly out of the container and some episodes of Cake Wars.

On Saturday night I finished Phantom Thread and watched a little bit of The Shape of Water.

On Sunday morning E sang with the junior choir at church. 

After we got home and had lunch, Q went down for his nap and then E and I cleaned the bathroom and our bedrooms. 

We then went to Costco because we needed gas but E also requested we go inside for the samples. We did pick up a few things. 
Monkeys on the cart.

When we got home, E worked on his workbook.

And Q stood at the counter and took these snack bars we got at Costco in and out of the box about 10 times.

Dave got home around 8:00 and we watched the Oscars with a big bowl of popcorn.  I did not participate in a pool this year but I still filled out a ballot.  I got 16 out of 24 right, which is usually what I predict.  Happy for Sam Rockwell and Gary Oldman.  I had picked Three Billboards for Best Picture, but what I've seen of The Shape of Water so far, I like. 

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  1. Those monkeys are pretty cute! 💕 What a fun weekend for you!