Monday, February 11, 2019

Enjoying Winter

When you live in Canada, you have to embrace winter or you'll spend much of the year wishing you were somewhere else, and in my opinion, that's no way to live your life.  Now it is true that we live in Southern Ontario and we do not have a very hard winter, and even Toronto gets less snow than parts just one hour north.   So this is how we enjoy winter.

We found a winter sport we like - ours is downhill skiing, but maybe you like cross country or snowshoeing.

We took in a hockey game - Marlies this time, but any local sports team will do

We get the whole family outside to shovel

I got a cozy new sweater.

For some reason if I'm outside in the winter at night, I feel like it's worth twice as much time as daytime winter (does that make sense?).  So we took the bus home from a school event instead of driving.

We went for some walks.   This part of the Humber River banks is now full of ice and will not be clear until spring.  We had a bit of a thaw last week and the ice came up over the banks and jammed the river.   It's quite something to see.


  1. I love winter evening walking and family shoveling time! It just goes so much faster now that the kids participate in shoveling too. And our sport this winter seems to be skating. Yay!