Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Weekend Recap

On Friday E's school held its annual Bingo Night.   We had some pizza, popcorn, and bingo dabbers and we were ready to go.  E won a couple of small prizes, and someone from his class won a class pizza party as one of the big prizes.  I always like hanging out at E's school and we enjoyed our company.

Dave had dropped me off since parking has been so crazy at the school lately and we opted to take the bus home instead of walking.   This is E lying in a snowbank while we waited for our bus.

It was too late for family movie night when we got home but we watched an Episode of Great British Bake Off instead.  After E went to bed, Dave and I watched Bohemian Rhapsody and loved it!!

The next morning Q was awake a little earlier than I wanted to get up so he laid in bed with me for a bit while Dave got up and got ready for skiing. 

Then we went to swimming and to get groceries while the boys went to skiing.  We watched some Paw Patrol when we got home.

In the afternoon it was so nice out we had to get outside.  We took the sled down to the park but rather than sledding, mostly Q just pulled it around.

I made chicken nuggets for supper and Q finished things off with a piece of cake.  

We watched the first Harry Potter movie since Dave and E finished the book last week.  I may or may not have fallen asleep during the movie so I just went to bed.

On Sunday morning we were off to church.  Always have cookies and Kool-aid after the service!

After lunch E and I went to Home Sense to try and get a cutting board, which we could not find, but  we did get a mattress pad and frying pan.  Then we went to Walmart to get some Valentine's cards for the boys' classes and E also picked out a new Bey Blade.   We played around in the basement after Q got up.

And then we went over to our neighbours' for a Super Bowl party. We had a great spread of food and Q loved the chicken fingers.   

Since the game was a little boring, we had the karaoke machine set up and sang a few rounds

The boys were up much later than they usually are but everyone did well. I took Q home after the 3rd quarter but E and Dave made it to the end.   

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