Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Weekend Recap

On Friday we picked up the kids from school and then went to our favourite pizza spot, Queen Margherita Pizza on Jane.  This was Q when we were waiting for Dave to get E from school.  Pumped for the weekend!

Waiting for our pizza.

When we got home, the boys played with this little construction toy that E won as a raffle prize from bingo.  He had put his raffle ticket in for this prize so he could win it for Q, wasn't that nice of him?

E and Dave had a great day skiing on Saturday.  

I took Q to swimming although he didn't really want to do anything in the pool, but he wasn't really crying, just kept saying "no, no, no".  After that we went to No Frills and picked up a library book.  We visited with some friends for lunch and then Q crashed when we got home.  We went to Costco in the late afternoon before Dave and E got home.  

On Sunday morning we watched Sing before church. 

And had pancakes.

Big smile from my choir singer.

There was a Valentine's bake sale so we picked up some cupcakes and enjoyed some after lunch. 

In the afternoon Dave took E to get a haircut and came home with this faux hawk!

We took a spin down to the Humber River to see the ice jam.  It is crazy how much ice has built up.

This is the parking lot

Taken from the bridge

Dave and E went down the stairs but didn't stay down there for too long, it was pretty tricky to walk around.

But on the tennis court side, it was safer and we could play there for a bit.

Dave made an ice inukshuk. 

 Lovely winter weekend. 


  1. Wow! That is a lot of ice by the Humber!

  2. We tried to go to Queen Margherita Pizza after Emily’s violin lesson on Friday, but they told us we would have to wait an hour!