Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Weekend Recap

On Friday night Dave went to the Raptor game so E, Q, and I watched Lego Batman for movie night.  After the boys went to bed, I watched basketball, curling, instagram stories, the news, and YouTube videos of Lady Gaga.  It was a pretty exciting night for me!

On Saturday morning Dave and E set off for skiing and Q and I went to swimming.  My mom and aunt were flying in that morning and when we went up to the airport to pick them up, Q fell asleep. 

After skiing, they did some tubing. 

Meanwhile the rest of us drove up to Shelburne (ON) for a family dinner.  

Q did a little sledding before supper.

Everyone fixing themselves a plate and finding somewhere to sit.

Then we got a group shot, and this one captured the dog trying to be a part of it!  It was so great to see everyone, we don't see them enough!

We went to church the next morning where E and I did the opening liturgy and then I did the Gospel readings. 

After church Mom and Margie took the kids home while I stayed for the annual general meeting.  When I got home I went out to do some errands.  Mom and E did some painting.

Q helped me make the salad for supper. 

After supper we watched the curling and the boys ran around and had a great time playing with the light sabres and tackling each other.

We got the kids in bed and then settled in for the Oscars.  I absolutely loved the Shallow performance.  The award was so well deserved and Brad and Gaga sold that performance!

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