Friday, February 8, 2019

Friday Favourites

Good morning!  Happy Friday!

I have been enjoying our new Tranquility essential oil for our humidifier.  I don't know if it actually makes us sleep better but it does smell nice.  I've put it in E's room too and said it is a magic potion to help him sleep better. 

I picked up this lip treatment from Kiehls last week too.  I had wanted this for Christmas but they were sold out when Dave went to buy it.  I've given it to E to use too, these kids get such dry and red lips and faces in the winter!

I was so hungry the other day on my way home from work, I just had to get some Ringolos.  I was going to the Bulk Barn anyway for lentils (#balance) and I got a small bag and dug into them when I got back in the car.  You do what you've got to do!

I saw this on Ashley's Instagram the other day, and it made me laugh.

E started church choir again this week.  They did well with the song they are singing this Sunday.

We started watching Life in Pieces on Netflix this week.  I chose it because I like Colin Hanks but there are a bunch of other great people in it too.  It's cute and has quick jokes.  I don't always feel like watching a heavy 1 hour drama in the evenings so this one hits the spot when you need something light.

I wrote about our Valentine's Day preparations on Thursday.  Looking for another festive cake to make this weekend. 

Check out this cutie from our weekend recap here.

Have a great weekend!

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