Monday, February 25, 2019

Little Things

Celebrating the little things in life, that are really the big things when you think about it.

Having time to read my book.  I love reading but I don't often have long periods of time where I can read without feeling like I should be doing something else.  Now that I take the subway to work, the only real option for passing the time is reading.  It is nice to just sit (or stand most of the time) and read.

Preparing for overnight guests.  My mom and aunt are here this weekend (although for a funeral, sadly) so I made beds, cleaned the bathroom, and thought about what we would eat.  

Great fans. Our former Raptor, Demar Derozan, came back to Toronto this week to play with his new team after being traded.  The fans gave him a rousing ovation and the organization put together a great tribute video that they played during the game. Everyone says Toronto has the best fans, and they were certainly that on Friday night. 

Conversations in the car.  When I was driving to E to choir on Thursday night I mentioned Nana was coming up for a funeral.  So then we got to talking about dying and funerals and stuff.  It is very interesting to hear how his mind works and to answer his questions. 

Reading in church.  Our church has a lay reader every week and this week it was me.  I like to participate in the service when I can and share the Word. 


  1. Standing and reading? Are you a superhero? LOL. It’s nice to appreciate the little things :-)

  2. The Alice Network is such a great book! And I too like participating at my church. I preached at the end of December and in February and March I will have worship led twice. I hope you get to be the lay reader more often.