Wednesday, April 1, 2020

10 Things About Spring

One of my blogger friends posted this yesterday and it inspired me to answer the same questions - thanks Natasha!!!  I have been feeling like I don't know what to write about now that we are stuck at home.  I don't have much to report since I feel like our days are the same as everyone else's.  I probably won't be blogging everyday, but I will try for two to three days a week for the time being.

1. How did you celebrate Spring Break/Easter as a child?
For Spring Break one year (grade 4) we went to Mexico, and I remember visiting my grandparents  in Ontario a couple of times, but nothing consistent.  For Easter we always had an Easter egg hunt, even when I was home from university, and we always go to church, usually with some new spring clothes.

2. Do you spring clean?
Not officially but there are always a few chores that are done in springtime like clean the windows, tidy up the yard, and move my clothes around.

3. What is spring weather like where you live?
It usually takes awhile to really warm up, but we have had a few nice days so far.  By mid-April/early May it should be more consistently nice out.

4. How green is your thumb?
Not very.  We can grow a few herbs and some potted plants, but only with the help of a watering system, I can't be relied on to keep plants alive.

5. AC or windows open?
Windows open, I love the fresh air.  I do find we have to keep the windows in our bedroom closed at night though otherwise the birds wake us up at 5:00 am.

6. How do you decorate for Spring/Easter?
I have a few bunnies and egg decorations, I'm hoping to get them out soon.  I did put my spring wreath on the door the other day (although the pots of Christmas/winter greenery are still out).

7. How do you get bathing suit/shorts/warm weather ready?
I feel like this is supposed to be an exercise question (hah!) but I don't really do anything differently to prepare for summer than any other time of the year in terms of diet and exercise.

8. Is your closet arranged with the current season's clothes?
My closet is roughly the same year round.  I have one drawer in my dresser that holds sweaters in the winter, and shorts/dresses in the summer.  I have not made that switch yet!

9. What is your go to spring uniform?
Shorts, plain t-shirt, cardigan, sneakers

10.  What outdoor activities do you enjoy in the spring?
Biking, running, sitting outside for a meal or drink, and watching baseball (although not this year, pout).


  1. It is here.... a different spring.. but spring nonetheless

  2. I'm so glad you joined in. I LOVE that picture of all the tulips. And yes, watching baseball is definitely a favourite outdoor activity which I am really missing right now :( I really like your spring wreath.