Monday, April 20, 2020

Prayers on Thursday (but Monday)

I thought it was time for a Prayer post but didn't want to wait until Thursday. I wrote here about the types of Prayers for the People that our church does.  First we speak about our blessings, then we make petitions for specific people (although I won't name them here), and then ask for intercessions of a more general nature for global concerns.

Although our church has been putting together a weekly worship we have not done Prayers for the People so I wanted to do it here.

Prayers of Thanksgiving:

My safe home
My health
My family members are are in their safe homes and are healthy
My job and Dave's job
E's teachers who are sending school work for him to learn and engaged
Our hospital workers, all of them, who are there to care for us always but especially now
The people who work in our stores and keep things clean and the shelves stocked
The opportunity to connect with friends remotely
My country and its leadership at all levels of government and from our health authorities


The victims of the shooter in Nova Scotia yesterday, their families, and other community members who had to live through that trauma
People living in nursing homes and their families who can't go and visit them
People who are feeling anxious and afraid
People who have new babies and can't share them with their family and friends
People who have lost all or part of their income
People who live alone and have been without a hug or other human touch for several weeks


People who do not live in safe homes
People with the coronavirus
People who are dying alone
People with other health concerns that are afraid to seek help
People who are working and do not feel safe
Government leaders, so they can make the right decisions

Lord hear our prayer.