Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Easter Weekend Recap

I haven't done a weekend recap post for awhile since everyday is pretty much the same, weekend or not, but since this was a special holiday, I thought I could do one this week.

On Good Friday Dave made some special Start Wars pancakes, and we watched Peter Rabbit.  

Then outside to load up the new sandbox with sand and play for awhile. This is going to be great fun as the weather warms up.

We had steak and french fries for supper, which were so tasty.  And watched Trolls World Tour in the evening.

On Saturday morning, it was time to decorate the traditional family Easter cake. 

Here was the finished product.  Since we didn't have a big chocolate figure to place on top, Dave just used a porcelain bunny and one of our wooden Ukrainian eggs instead.

And we dyed some eggs too.

I took Q out for a little drive in the afternoon so he could have a nap. We drove down King Street to Liberty Village and back along Queen.  I was happy I wasn't waiting in line at any of the grocery stores that day.  While we drove we listened to some Vinyl Cafe stories and Q did fall asleep for a little bit. 

Hamburgers on the BBQ for supper, and some Wobble game before bed.

We attended a Zoom birthday party after Q went to bed.  It was fun to see our friends, including some East Coasters who we would not have seen if the party had been in "real life".  

We woke up Easter morning to evidence of a visit from the Easter Bunny.  The bunny was a little light on the baskets this year, but he did leave bowls of treats for everyone, a few books for the boys, and eggs hidden all over the house.

Both boys were so excited!

We had some challah bread for breakfast, and I had some of our dyed eggs (that had been boiled before we decorated them) smashed on top, and some leftover potatoes.

Our church had put together a communion liturgy, gospel reading and commentary, a children's story, and lots of lovely music.  I got some partial participation for communion, but I listened to the most of the rest by myself in the afternoon.  I did give E a sip of wine, but he wasn't a fan.  

Then we got outside for a hike.  We're able to go along a trail in the woods and don't run into many people. 

In the afternoon we got our supper ready - ribs, sweet potato salad, and coleslaw.  Not a traditional Easter dinner but so good!! I may put this on the menu next year instead of regular old ham. 

E loved it!

And we had this beautiful cherry pie for dessert.

After supper we talked to my parents, my aunt, and my cousins on Zoom.  It was so nice to see everyone!!  

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter whatever you ended up doing.  


  1. Nice to read about your weekend! It looks lovely. That is a beautiful spring flower lined trail.

  2. We need to get out for more walks. It's just every time I've hit a path/trail, it's been really busy and hard to distance.

    And who defines what a "traditional Easter dinner" looks like? Ours is all about BBQ and salads and I'm fine with that! I say enjoy your Easter ribs again next year!

  3. Happy belated Easter!
    That cake looks amazing!
    We let J and E try the wine too, because we didn’t have juice. They were also not fans.
    Ribs are Julia’s favourite food.