Friday, April 10, 2020

Friday Favourite/Life Lately

Wishing all of you a happy Easter weekend.  Rejoice for He is Risen! (or will be on Sunday, today we mourn).

A few of our goings on this past week.  Last weekend we cut the boys' hair.  Dave did E's hair and then Q wanted me to do his.  He only cried a little bit, and then we put Paw Patrol on the iPad and he was fine. 

Turned out pretty well :)

E did a few online workouts with me and he brought the energy!

We worked on our Holy Week mobile.  

Proud of his work

Q chose to use all one colour for each of his hangers - purple Jesus, green bread and wine, etc.

We also got a home delivery from Henderson; now to try and not drink it all at once.

Dave is building a sandbox in the backyard since it seems like parks will be closed for awhile and the boys like digging in the dirt. 

E has been enjoying his swing in the backyard too.  We are so glad we have these things to play on now.

I'm sure if you've seen this but it is E's new favourite video so I wanted to include it here.  Lego Justin Trudeau's message to the kids.

And his other favourite is Trudeau's song abut Speaking Moistly. We'll take all of the funny Trudeau content. 

Stay safe, stay home, enjoy your Easter or Passover weekend.

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  1. Thanks! I hadn't seen the Lego Justin Trudeau video for the children re: COVID 19. No wonder E likes it. Great to see the boys enjoying the back yard. Dave does like to build things. Nice idea to make a sand box.

  2. Yes, I will totally take all the funny Trudeau things. We listened to "Speaking Moistly" about ten times this morning :) And the winner this week has been our trampoline. Yay for having an exciting backyard!