Monday, April 13, 2020

Not Just a Mom Link Up - Cleaning Routine

Linking up with these ladies today for the "Not Just a Mom" link-up.  Today we are writing about our cleaning routine.  Haha, "routine"? There is nothing routine about our cleaning and chore schedule.  I wish I could be one of those people that had a different cleaning task to perform each day, and I've tried to do it but I could never stick with it.

Instead things get cleaned around here when we notice they need to be cleaned, which probably sounds gross to most people, but it's not that bad.  We do keep our house relatively tidy, the kitchen is always cleaned, we are often sweeping the floor, and wiping down the sink in the bathroom, but for the deep cleaning jobs, they just happen when they happen. 

But all that being said, this is what I can offer in terms of a cleaning routine:

- Bathrooms - I recently switched out the disposable toilet cleaning pads for a reusable one (it's actually from an old cloth diaper) and a bleach toilet cleaner.  It works really well and I like not having to throw something out each time (and also trying to find them at the store).  I clean the toilet surfaces with Lysol wipes (which I would like to replace with a non-disposable option).  The sink and shower walls get cleaned with a foam cleaner, and the shower floor grout gets cleaned with a bleach cleaner.

- Bedrooms - I wash the sheets every 1 to 2 weeks, along with our duvet cover every other time I do the sheets.  We seem to be constantly picking up our clothes and I have a few things on my dresser I'm always rearranging. Lately I've been doing my conference calls in our room so I can putter around and tidy while I'm on the phone.  I will also go into the kids' rooms and tidy them up too.  I have not been good at training our kids to clean, bad mom.

- Kitchen - We do our dishes while we are cooking our meals so there is usually little to do after we are done eating. Preferably all dishes should be put away and the dishwasher emptied before we go to bed so we come downstairs to a clean kitchen.  I will clean the cabinets, the appliances, and the sink when I have the extra time and see they are getting grimy. 

- Living Areas - We have two kids who are always playing so the house is never 100% clean and tidy.  We try not to let things get out of control and sweep and vacuum as required.  Dave likes to do the floors (and I do not!) so he'll do those every couple of weeks with the steam cleaner. 

- Outside - Now that the nicer weather is here we have been able to go out and clean up the old leaves and dead things.  Because we have a bunch of old trees in our yard we will always have some sort of tree dropping we need to be cleaning up, and it also means we don't leave our outdoor cushions out overnight, since they just get dirty.  We have a leaf blower that helps to keep the stones and steps clean. 


  1. We have a leaf blower too and I think it's one of my favorite things :) It's so easy but can make SUCH a big difference!

  2. We use our leaf blowers to keep all the sand from our beach off our patio and it has been such a godsend compare to trying to sweep it all the time. I like to have a nice clean sink before I go to bed too but we do tend to run the dishwasher at night while we sleep.

  3. Thanks for linking up! :) Cleaning as you go is the best way honestly. That way it doesn't feel like as much of a burden!

  4. I like your style. We too clean when things get dirty and try to keep it as tidy as possible otherwise. Once in awhile we go on a binge and clean the whole house and it usually only takes a few hours which is nice :)