Friday, July 3, 2020

Friday Favourites

A few Friday Favourites to round our week.

Dave had Tuesday off work so he took the boys to the driving range and to play mini-putt.  He said it was a success.

We celebrated our Canada Day by taking a bike ride down to the lake and having a picnic lunch. 

And then we got a treat at McDonalds.

I saw this posted by thebirdspapaya and I really related.  I wrote this post on Monday about how we should reflect on our country's history and not just (literally) whitewash it with the traditional images of Canada (poutine, beer, Tim Horton's, hockey, beavers, etc.). We've got a lot going on, bad and good. 

We got a new fire pit for our backyard and lit it up on Wednesday evening. A fun addition to our yard.

Our kids have left us for the week.  They went to visit Dave's parents.  Dave drove halfway to meet the, this is them enjoying their Tim Horton's lunch. 

But look who got left behind!?! It's Q's Guy that he sleeps with.  The boys were so excited about getting in the car and I was more concerned that they had their hats, shoes, masks, health cards, etc. that we all forgot about Guy. 

I saw this instagram post and I'm sure this will be true for E.  I'm sure I taught him a few things "wrong".

Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. Love your Canada Day clothes! Nice fire pit! Oh no! What will Q do without his Guy? Enjoy your week.

  2. I hope Q is OK without his guy for the week! When I began homeschooling my boys we started looking at our nation's history a bit more objectively and I was amazed at all that I learned that my textbooks always glossed right over.

  3. Link to that awesome fire pit, please :)

  4. I really like Q and Dave's Canada Day shirts! We didn't celebrate Canada Day this year. I just felt too mixed about, and with still being mostly in quarantine, we didn't have fireworks to go to so it was a good day of reflection.

    I like your fire pit. Sadly, our city doesn't allow outdoor fires because otherwise I think we'd get one.