Thursday, July 2, 2020

Weekend Recap

We went camping last weekend and had the best time!  It was so good to be out of Toronto and out of our home for the first time in a looooooong time.  We packed up the car last Friday and headed out of town. 

We had a pretty easy drive, grabbed some McDonalds on the way, and arrived at Sandbanks Provincial Park around 1:30.  Our site was empty so we were able to start setting up right away (people have until 2:00 to leave). Then we scurried down to the beach to spend the rest of the afternoon with our cousins who had arrived the day before.

Lindsay and Dave enjoying the shade.

Then we headed back to our sites for supper.  We had chili that I had already made, topped with cheese and avocado, with nacho chips for dipping.

Trying out his new ax.

This guy loves a marshmallow.

Cousins (Q is turning 4 in September, A is turning 3 this month)

I slept okay but Q kept waking up and then moving back and forth between his air mattress and ours, and that kept waking me up and I don't feel like I ever got a good stretch of sleep.  But we were able to stay in bed until 7:45.  It started raining around that time but Dave had put the tarp up so we could make and eat breakfast under that. 

It rained for most of the morning so we mostly just hung out under the tarp and the kids played in the tents.  Q fell asleep after a bit so I hung out with him in there.  As long as everyone is safe and dry (and happy), I do like an easy morning sheltering from the rain in the tent.  It started to clear up around 11:30 so we ate our lunch and then put in an afternoon at the beach. 

Enjoying a few quiet moments in our new hammock.

And then this guy crashed the party.

More wood chopping after supper.  We had tacos.

And fire building.

And s'mores.

And we played some charades.  L made a camping set and the little kids "acted out" camping.  

On Sunday morning we made breakfast sandwiches for breakfast. 

And then of course back to the beach for another beautiful day. Q ate his sandwich almost as soon as we arrived.

And had a nap after these chips.

We have been camping with this family for years.

More charades.  Q was sort of figuring it out but mostly he acted out Ironman and Spiderman.

On Monday morning we had pancakes and sausages. 

E went to the beach with our friends while Dave and I packed up the campsite (while Q actually dozed off in the bike trailer).  Then we got back to the beach for a couple of hours.  

We stayed until 3:00 or so and then got an ice cream in Picton, and drove home.  After unpacking the car, putting in some laundry, cleaning up some dishes and the camp stove, and pausing to eat some pizza, I finally got a shower! 

A note about social distancing. We were outside all weekend, of course, so I always feel like that is better than being inside.  We did not exactly keep our distance from our friends, as you can see from the photos above.  We knew that would be hard for the kids anyway, but besides cutting out hugs, we just went about our business, sometimes getting within 2 metres of each other.  The showers and outhouses were closed at the campground.  The comfort stations weren't that busy, so although we did not wear masks while inside the washrooms, we felt like it was probably fine since we could keep our distance from people there. Our part of the beach was pretty open, and we did not feel crowded there.  We said the kids weren't allowed to play with kids from other families we didn't know, as they would usually do, but that was fine since we had lots of playmates within our own group.  

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  1. This looks like a great weekend! My family used to camp a lot when I was younger. However, Dave's family never camped, and I don't love it enough to spearhead it for our family, so we never do it. Posts like this make we wish I'd tried a little harder to motivate all of us :)

    We're thinking about doing a day trip to a beach but it's so hard to tell how crowded they will (or won't) be...