Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Weekend Recap

Dave had a tee time for him and E late on Friday afternoon so it was just me and Q for dinner.  I had picked up some pre-made mac and cheese and samosas from Hot Oven Bakery but Q didn't like the mac and cheese.  Then we just hung around the backyard for a bit.

And then we went to our neighbours where they were making ice cream in an antique ice cream maker.  Q got in on the action.

And we all got enjoyed a bowl, including E when he and Dave got back from golf.

Then the kids watched Trolls World Tour in the backyard. 

The next morning we were all a little tired from being up late the night before.  Dave did a bit of work in the morning and we just played around the house.  Then I packed up a picnic lunch to bike High Park. Q fell asleep on the way.

The splash pad was so refreshing.

Ice cream for all.

Since Dave and E were golfing on Friday we moved pizza night to Saturday night.  

We watched a bunch of Ultimate Beastmaster so E was literally climbing the walls.

Get it in ya!

Dave's pizza which he said was the best ever.

Sunday was a hot day and we were expecting a storm so we got out to the driving range early.

I sat out front to watch the storm roll through, this was at the end.

After a nap or two and some movies, the sun came out so we took a quick bike ride, and then got home to make supper - beer butt chicken, roasted potatoes, and green beans. 
Cheers to a great weekend. 

Some chipping practice in the backyard.

We watched a few episodes of Indian Matchmaking on Netflix before bed.  Fascinated by Aparna.


  1. Emily LOVES Beastmaster!
    Sounds like a great weekend and that you had great timing with your activities.

  2. I've been loving the storms lately! All this rain is AMAZING after so long with very little rain.