Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Weekend Recap

What does one do when their children are out of town?  We can't go out to eat (I'm still not keen on dining in at restaurants) or hit up a Blue Jays game, but we found lots of things to do.  

On Thursday night I did yoga outside.  It was about 30 degrees and humid so it was sort of like doing hot yoga.  I laid down for savasanah and this beautiful light was above me so I kept my eyes open.

I got lots of work done on Friday and took a quick walk up the street to get a few groceries. Dave and I had sausages and coleslaw for supper and then rode our bikes to visit our friends and enjoy a few drinks in their yard.

On Saturday morning we went golfing at Humber Valley.  It was so nice to be out and the weather was exquisite.  I played pretty well myself, with just two bad holes, so I scored a 94. 

We picked up some Jamaican food for our lunch on the way home and then I napped for the rest of the day!! And Dave watched movies.  Luxury. 

We checked in with the boys via FaceTime.  They had spent the day at the beach and yacht club and were going to sleep on the sailboat.

On Sunday morning I went for a run.

Then we went on a long bike ride. 
Check out the Halifax/Dartmouth ferry in Toronto for some reason!

We biked to the end of the Leslie Street Spit, in Tommy Thompson Park.  It is another world over there, it goes on forever and there are so many birds and little trails to explore (although we just biked).  There is a lighthouse at the end too. Round trip from our house to the end of the Spit was 44 km, by far the longest bike ride I've ever gone on.

This is the end.

Then we stopped in at Cherry Street BBQ (which was really my whole goal anyway!) to grab some take out for our lunch. 

Clockwise from top - home fries, ribs, mac and cheese, brisket sandwich.  

Another quick nap for me when we got home, then steak for supper, and lots of reading.  We miss the kids of course, but it is a nice break, particularly after having such concentrated time with everyone since March 13. 


  1. That's pretty neat seeing the Halifax/Dartmouth ferry. Looks like your bike ride was a great adventure. 44k ! Wow! Likely you'll want to check our those walking trails you noticed sometime. Sounds very nice. Great photos.

  2. I'm very impressed with your lengthy bike ride! And yes, when Dave and I had a kid-free day for our anniversary we were like, "What are we actually doing with all this time?" because our "normal activities" don't exist right now.