Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Weekend Recap

It was a hot and humid weekend (with some rain) but it was lots of fun.  We actually learned how to properly direct our air conditioner down the stairs, and then blow it out into the main floor with a fan (thanks to some collective neighbourhood wisdom) so it was actually bearable in our house.

E attended a birthday party at a neighbour's house on Friday night.  They played at the school and then came back for pizza and cake. 

Q even got in on the action for cake.

E was supposed to stay and watch a movie outside but there was a threat of thunder showers so the parents sent everyone home. So E came home and watched Greyhound (the new Tom Hanks WWII movie) with us.

The weather was rainy on Saturday, and we spent the morning tracking the store so we could find a window to go for a bike ride.  We found one around noon.  Since it had been raining all morning we started out our ride with (the closed to traffic) Lakeshore to ourselves. 

Cliff and Carol, Dave's parents

We rode down to Ontario Place and back.

We got home before the rain started again, and watched a couple of movies.  Then Dave got to making the pizza dough, one for each person, for a Saturday pizza night.

All of us telling Cliff how to assemble his pizza.

Good as always.

We had a fairly early night since everyone was tired out from the bike ride. 

I got up bright and early on Sunday to do a workout outside.

Dave's parents left mid-morning and then we all went up to Centennial Park for an afternoon of golf activities.  Dave and E played nine holes (E's first actual round of golf) and Q and I played mini-putt and hit some balls at the range. 

Just as we finished our bucket, Dave and E were on the 8th hole so we watched them finish 9 and we all went home.  I went to the grocery store for a couple of things and then we had macaroni and cheese for supper.  


  1. What a fun weekend! That was nice Cliff and Carol went biking with you. Love that skyline picture. And the golfers! Also liked the rock photo with E on top and C,C and Q underneath. Pizza sure looks good!

  2. Our city is opening up more streets to have bike lanes during this time. And it's so tempting to (somehow) get our bikes to TO so we can experience biking on the Lakeshore! How unique is that!!!