Friday, July 24, 2020

Road Trip Fun

We are on the second day of our road trip today so I'm assuming we are all still doing well.  We are not a family that plays movies in the car (although we do have the iPad so if worse comes to worse, we do have backup).  I'm old school where I think being bored in the car "builds character" and also E has gotten carsick in the past when he has tried reading or colouring so I don't want to risk the screen making him carsick too.

(from last's year camping trip)

So here are some of the things we do in the car:

Find things from our surroundings that start with each letter of the alphabet (i.e. A=animal, B=barn, C=car, etc.)

Find the letters of the alphabet from signs and licence plates

I Spy (although hard in a moving car)

I Got It! which is basically 20(+) questions

Singing - we like soundtracks from Frozen, Trolls, Sing, Mary Poppins, and a new one, Teen Titans Go to the Movies.

Watching the map and setting timers - E has a watch that he can set timers on so if we tell him we will be at our next stop in 45 minutes or whatever, he can set a timer and he enjoys checking in to see the countdown.

Napping and meditation - for real, E once meditated on our whole car ride home from Algonquin. (He learned about mindfulness in SK.)

For this trip I put together little surprise packs of books, toys, games, and candy.  I made equivalent ones for each E and Q and can hand them out when we need a distraction.  I bought a few things at Dollarama but also put in some books and toys we already have.

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  1. We also don't do screens in the car -- except last year when my parents lent Sam their Kobo so he could read on our trip without having to take nine million books along. I truly believe letting kids be bored in the car is fine and allows them to entertain themselves in ways we wouldn't have come up with. Our kids have proved this to us over and over again.

    I hope your drive(s) were good ones.