Monday, July 13, 2020

Not Just a Mom Link Up

Today's topic for the Not Just a Mom link up is "girl time".

I get most of my girl time from my workout classes.  There are a few people that I know from other places, ones that I have gotten to know through attending the classes, and some I don't know at all but can still chat with before and after a class.  Now of course there have been no in studio classes for several months, but I have still enjoyed connecting through Zoom, and now on Thursday mornings we do an outdoor HIIT and run and we get to see each other in person finally.  This Covid-19 time has really highlighted those simple pleasures that we once took for granted, like seeing our friends in person instead of through a screen.

My neighbourhood also has a lovely group of ladies and we were setting up monthly drink nights so we could spend some concentrated time together rather than just saying hello from our yards, or chasing kids around.  But of course that has been stopped as well.  Hopefully soon we can set this up again, even if it's a BYOB to someone's yard sans kids and spouses.  I should set this up...

I have a few good friends that I can meet up with for lunch on occasion which is always nice, and I try to get away for a girl's trip once a year or so.  I've gone to Vegas, New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. 

Other than that my "girl time" is few and far between - I live in a house full of boys, and work in an office full of men - so I'll take what I can get when I can get it :)

Linking up with Sarita and Lauren.


  1. My biggest girl time is my book club. I LOVE it. And we just haven't gotten our act together to meet online during quarantine (mostly it's a bunch of teachers and I think they were feeling overwhelmed). Girl time is definitely always worth it!

  2. My girl time is few and far between too in a house full of males.

  3. I love that you get you find your girl-time when you can, even if it's before/after a workout!

  4. I love that you made friends at your workout classes. I need to put myself out there to gt new friends. Thanks for linking up

  5. LOve the before/after workout girl chats. One of my girl friends and I have even extended it and go for a walk after when we are able to.

  6. My core group of girlfriends and I met through a workout class! We are still really close today!