Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Weekend Recap

 On Friday night we ordered some noodles and dumplings and I walked up to get them.  They were good as always.  Then we watched Raya and the Last Dragon and some Olympics.  

On Saturday morning E had a make up piano lesson so Q did one of his on demand art classes.  He did a great job!

Then I took the boys skating while Dave stayed home to clean and do a workout.  We had the ice mostly to ourselves and the boys enjoyed playing with the hockey sticks again.

After lunch we got out of the house again to go sledding at the golf course.  It was such a beautiful day. 

We picked up our grocery order and then went home to make supper.  We shifted pizza night to Saturday to accommodate the pizza dough making schedule and also so we could take leftover pizza for our ski lunch. 

We had another nice day for skiing, slightly warmer temperatures, but no sun.  The boys had their lessons and we got out again after lunch for a few runs before going home. 

We watched more Olympics (love the CBC Gem feature of seeing any event on demand) and were sad to see our mixed curlers lose.  We were all tired after a full weekend of outside weekend fun. 

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  1. How have I not watched any Olympics yet?!?! I must remedy that this weekend!