Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Let's Look - What I eat in a week

Today's topic is what we eat in a week.  I kept track of my eating habits last week and it was pretty accurate to what I eat most of the time (healthy breakfast, leftovers for lunch, and minimal snacks).  You can read about what we ate for supper here so this focuses on my personal breakfasts and lunches.  

A few notes - I don't believe in "dieting" per se, but I do try to make healthy choices throughout the week, saving chips and alcohol for the weekends.  I don't list my coffee, but I drink 2-3 cups in the morning. 

Breakfast - Spelt toast with almond butter, hemp hearts and cacao nibs, melon.  I started eating spelt toast (when I can find it) as an alternative to regular wheat toast.  It was part of the reset eating plan I tried out a few years ago and it's a habit I've kept up.  Spelt bread just seems to have more nutritional benefits than plain old bread.  

Lunch - Leftover soup from the freezer, and some crackers. I was at my office on this day and I keep a box of PC Rosemary crackers in my cupboard for when I'm feeling peckish.

Snacks - Latte and cookie from Starbucks. This is my love language :)

Breakfast - Spelt toast with peanut butter and jam, melon.  Sometimes I can find spelt bread at the grocery store (Dimpflmeier makes some) or the Kingsway Deli carries it sometimes.  

Lunch - Skillet with leftover roasted potatoes, cheese, eggs, and tomato.  This is like something you'd get a Smitty's (the all day breakfast place, IYKYK).

Snacks - Meat stick, and an extra coffee in the afternoon.  The meat sticks are the turkey ones from Costco, sure, high in salt, but a great little snack.

Breakfast - Muffins and grapefruit.  My mom had put some extra muffins in the freezer when she was here at Christmas and I had forgotten about them, but they were a great find for my breakfast. 

Lunch - Leftover red lentil curry

Snacks - square of dark chocolate

Breakfast - Shake, melon. The shake recipe I use the most is this: one banana, one zucchini, 1/2 cup frozen pineapple, 1 tbsp turmeric, 2 tbsp cashews, 1 tbsp chia seeds, 1 1/2 cups cashew milk (and some water until it's the right consistency).

Lunch - Leftover red lentil curry again. 

Snacks - Spelt toast with honey, coffee and doughnut from Golden Gecko (procured on a midday walk with Dave), meat sticks, apple pie.  I was extra hungry on this day, not sure why.  

Breakfast - Shake.  The recipe I make above is enough for two days.

Lunch - Leftover lentil soup, ham and cheese sandwich on leftover focaccia bread.

Snacks - Chips and wine

Breakfast - Scrambled eggs, vegetables, spelt toast.  This is a great breakfast since it uses up vegetables in the fridge and it's filling.  I just add salt, pepper, and a little squeeze of lemon on top.

Lunch - Leftover noodles and apple pie

Snacks - wine and chips

Breakfast - Egg sandwich on a bagel.  This is our standard breakfast for skiing days.  We wrap them up to eat in the car on the way to the hill.  

Lunch - Leftover pizza, hot chocolate, trail mix.  We typically have ham and cheese sandwiches for ski lunch, but we had pizza on this day.  Last week we tried instant noodle soup for a hot lunch and it was a success so we will do that again.  We also bring hot water for hot chocolates and hot apple cider (which E prefers).

Snacks - Dried fruit snack, doughnut and tea from Tim Hortons on the way home. Sometimes we get Timbits but we all opted for doughnuts this time.  I got an apple fritter :)

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  1. Oh, I LOVE the idea of frying up all the extra veggies for a fun breakfast on Saturdays. I love fried veggies!

  2. I had one day last week where I felt like I just ate so many snacks and was unable to get "full" or even "satisfied" feeling. Luckily this week I am hardly eating anything and have little appetite.