Thursday, February 3, 2022

Weekly Menu

 Sharing our meals again for this week:

Sunday  - Steak, mushrooms, carrots, and roasted potatoes.  We make roasted potatoes in different ways but this new (to me) way is so tasty!  I halve small potatoes and toss them in olive oil, Herbes de Provence, and salt, and then bake in a 450 degree oven for about 35 minutes. I think it's the high heat that helps make them so good. 

Monday - Tacos, surprise, we eat tacos almost every week.  

Tuesday - Red Lentil Curry from Oh She Glows Every Day. We make this all of the time too.  It's vegan and the kids love it too. The best part is the mango apple chutney that accompanies it.

Wednesday - Salmon, sweet potato fries, and vegetables.  We used this lemon pepper on the salmon, instead of our usual cajun spice. It was really tasty.

Thursday - Lentil Soup (also from Oh She Glows Every Day) and Focaccia loaf.  I love a good hearty soup in the winter as a supper and then as leftovers.  Q is not always so keen on soup, so the bread fills him up.

Friday - It's pizza night again!  At the start of the pandemic we did pizza night every Friday and thank goodness for that, as we needed something to look forward to! But now we just do it every other week or so. 

Saturday - Order Chinese, as a belated acknowledgement of Lunar New Year.  Our Saturdays are busy with exercise, cleaning, and outdoor time (typically skating) and I like to keep dinner simple.

[Edit, we actually switched Friday and Saturday since I forgot to remind Dave about the pizza dough, which he would have needed to start on Wednesday.  Having pizza on Saturday means we get to have leftover pizza for skiing.]

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation of the lemon pepper. I've been using a lemon herb mix - PC's own blend. It's funny how food took on such meaning during the last 2 years, well at least in our house it did. I'll check out She Glows for the Red Lentil Curry, trying to get more beans & lentils into the diet :)