Thursday, April 26, 2018

New Things

Here are two things I do not like - diets and numbers on a scale.  I know when I am eating poorly and when I'm eating well, I don't usually need a diet to tell me what to do.  But in my quest to try new things, I decided to try the "Reset" meal plan provided by the gals who run my workout classes.  It would be good to lose a few pounds so my summer clothes will fit better, and I like a good challenge.

What I like about this meal plan is that all of your meals and snacks are written out for the whole week.  Each week is different too. The first week has a heavy focus on vegetables and what I'll call "white" protein - chicken, fish, chick peas, greek yoghurt, nuts, and very little sugar or carbs.  Then each week you get to add things back into your diet, like bread and fruit, and you can settle into a few better habits. I have always turned my nose up at certain diets because they seemed too hard to maintain for the long term.  I don't know what will happen after I'm done with the official schedule of meals provided for me, but you can't succeed unless you try it!

I was always hesitant to start this reset plan because I always seemed to have special events where following the meal plan 100% would be impossible.  But it's okay to follow it as best as you can without worrying too much about sticking to it completely.  For example, I have a lunch at work today but I chose the fish and lentil/sweet potato mash as my meal choice, simple.  For the bridal shower and baptism we are going to this weekend, I will just make some smarter choices, rather than:

The plan also suggests you give up caffeine and I said "No way José!" so already I'm not doing it 100%.  Me without my coffee would just be bad news.

Dave is doing it with me, which means I prepare all of his meals for him, and he loves that.  The kids eat all of the suppers that we have had this week, and E enjoyed the warm oat bran for breakfast on Monday.

Oat bran with honey and cinnamon, greek yoghurt and coconut, lemon and ginger water.

Homemade hummus and vegetables for a morning snack

It is a lot of work to prep everything and takes some coordination, but it's not difficult, just time consuming.  Of course it is my first time trying something like this but I'm getting into a rhythm.  The rest of my fitness group doesn't start the Reset for a couple more weeks, but once I made up my mind to do it, I decided to just jump right in, no time like the present right?

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