Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Weekend Recap

Well this weekend the weather forecast was an ice storm but I did not believe it; sadly the ice/wind/rain/snow storm arrived with a vengeance around lunchtime on Saturday.  No one can believe this is our April weather!

On Friday afternoon my firm was holding a family skating party so I left work early to pick up E and take him skating with me.  Not only did we get some skating in, E played some bubble hockey and helped himself to several treats from Tim Hortons. 

Dave and Q had ordered some Thai food for our supper.  We had a pretty early tonight since everyone was tired from our week. 

On Saturday morning I got up bright and early for my barre workout.  When I got back Dave went to the parents meeting for E's t-ball and I took the boys to get groceries.  Our errands were cut short because the freezing rain so we missed out on the Bulk Barn.  

In the afternoon I made a salad for a potluck that night, Q napped, and E and Dave went shopping for t-ball equipment.  The Raptors first playoff game was on that evening so Dave watched that, and the rest of us hopped in the car to attend a dinner party.  It was a shame the weather was so terrible because the party was in a condo social room and it has an outdoor terrace that would have been nice to enjoy.   
Q ready to eat.

Our spread.  We all chose a dish from Ottolenghi and everything was so good!

Q was double-fisting.

And I swear E had more fun than this photo shows.

When we got home we watched Paddington 2 so it was a late night for E, but he didn't seem to mind. 

We woke up to some pretty messy weather so we stayed home all day and kept busy with spelling practice, reading, iPad time, movies, hockey in the basement, and cooking making.  


I made some chicken legs for supper and then the boys had baths before bed. 

I braved the roads for yoga that night, but it wasn't too bad.  And since I cleaned the car off on Sunday evening, Monday morning was a little easier. 

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  1. This april weather is insane. We had a day off yesterday because of it!