Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Weekend Recap

What a nice extra long weekend we had.  Dave's parents arrived on Thursday afternoon so Dave was able to join me for my regular workout that evening.  Attendance by spouses and other family members is encouraged.  It was a tough class but we both made it through!

On Friday, we took it easy, which was nice.  I made some soup in the morning and then went to the Good Friday church service.  In the afternoon I read my book and did some laundry, while Dave's mom and E decorated the Easter cake. 

We had fish and chips for supper, which is always a nice treat. 

After that we played some Easter themed charades. 

On Saturday morning I went to my barre class and when I got back, we walked up the street to get our Easter dinner ingredients.  Look who we ran into while we were there!

After lunch E and I made Resurrection Rolls

Some didn't quite work out, we should have made extra sure they were sealed properly.  The lesson was learned though, the tomb was empty.

Dave, his mom, E and Q went for a walk.  E and Dave took the path less travelled.

We had some delicious lamb burgers for supper with a greek salad, and Easter cake for dessert.  

The Easter Bunny found his way to our house overnight with treats for everyone.

This little guy would have been happy with two jelly beans in a plastic egg.

But then E woke up and showed him that there were eggs hidden around to find, so he got into it very quickly!

New golf clubs for E

Quick breakfast before getting ready for church.

Q did a bit of colouring before the church service.  

E sang in the choir and he did a great job!

Dave's cousin and her fiancé joined us for Easter dinner.

Colourful meal.

No school or daycare for the boys on Easter Monday so I took the day off.  First up, a fort (but really because I wanted to vacuum the couch).

A walk up the street for some small errands and then a stop at the playground before lunch. Both E and Q ran into some friends from school which was nice. 

We had a quiet afternoon and evening to finish off our long weekend.

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