Friday, April 27, 2018

Friday Favourites

This song came up in my Spotify playlist the other day and it had me bopping my head so I decided to share it here.

I went to a presentation for a work event and they talked about personality types.  You may have seen this before.  Although you can have qualities from each category, most people are stronger in one category than the others.  I am a Blue with bits of Green, and I would say Dave is Yellow with some Red.  We are opposites, but sometimes those make the best partnerships.  My co-workers and I have been having fun categorizing people in our office.

Peter Mansbridge was on Twitter Live doing a post about some documentaries he is working on about the Royals.  They will air on CBC News Network the week before the Royal Wedding.  I was happy to see him.  I missed him on the news recently with the Humboldt and Toronto tragedies.  The new National team did well covering those events, but I always enjoyed Peter's take on everything.  I will have to check out the documentaries. 

Last night E's school was putting a performance of their Hoop Troop and Hoppers Team.  The show was at 5:00 so I just picked up both boys and we went to sit in the gym (and luckily there was pizza to keep everyone satisfied) to watch the show.  The Hoop Troop (the younger kids, I think grades 5 and 6) did a hula hoop show and then the older Hoppers (grades 7 and 8) did a skipping routine.  It was so good, and you could tell a lot of hard work went into it.  I didn't get a picture of the performers, but I grabbed a selfie before we left.  Q was done by that time (but he did well to last the whole 45 minutes).

And some bonus photos of the boys in the school yard before we went inside. 

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  1. I did that peronality test when I was in the corporate world. I was green and blue combined but more green I think. And I think my husband is a red LOL.

  2. I am red with both blue and yellow above the line. My green is almost non-existent! Surprisingly, my husband is the same. I do think he is different at home than he is at work though.