Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Weekend Recap

On Friday, I ran the Masters leaderboard on my computer all day at work, watching my favourites.  

On Friday night Dave and I watched a few episodes of Fargo before trying to get an early night.  I was up early for a tough workout.  This a real photo of me halfway through the hour.  

After I got home and ate breakfast and showered, we bundled up for a walk.  We tried stopping by the playground but it was just too cold.  We went to Shoppers and the library and then grabbed some lunch at Lit

E was engrossed in the Captain Underpants book he picked up at the library

A yummy lunch for all.  A muffin to keep Q happy while we waited, beer and latte for me and Dave, and a couple of pizzas to share.

The boys walked home and then I went to get my hair cut.  I forgot to grab a photo though. 

On Sunday morning Dave got up and left for his work trip.  The rest of us were able to sleep in a little bit (like to 7:30!) and then I made some french toast for breakfast. 
E working on his Sodoku.

We went to church and watched the Masters in the afternoon.  I was really pulling for Rory, and then Rickie or Speith.  Even with probably too much iPad time, E did fold his laundry. 

And Q played in the sink. 

A few selfies

We ordered pizza for supper and then I watched some TV before going to bed too late.

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