Thursday, April 12, 2018

Little Things - Part 14

I wrote on Monday about holding your kids a little closer so I thought I would do a post about the Little Things that was kid themed.  Celebrating the little things that are really the big things when you think about it.

Holding hands and walking slowly.  Q is getting heavy and does actually prefer to walk on his own.  He puts his hand up to hold our hand and comes right along.  We have to stoop a little bit and walk slowly, but it is a nice way to travel.

Being woken up by your brother. Both boys love to go into the other's room to wake them up, and the one who is still sleeping wakes up with a smile and a hug.

Spelling tests.  We used to use the good old orange Campfire notebook to write our spelling words, E's class doesn't have those, but he has had several spelling tests this term.  We help him practice his words and he does it without much complaining and is pleased when he gets a good mark.

Bath time.  It doesn't happen every time, but Q definitely prefers it when E has a bath with him.

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