Monday, April 9, 2018

Praying for Humboldt

Most news stories that involve children suffering harm make me very sad and I don't like reading too much about them.  It's sort of a self-preservation thing, if I think too much about a child being hurt or killed, then I think about my own children and how I would feel if the same thing happened to them. And then I feel like I wouldn't be able to get through a day because I would just be living in fear all of the time that the worst could happen.

But I have been reading and watching things about the bus accident in Saskatchewan where 16 people were killed, mostly young hockey players.  This one makes me so sad.  It seems like a young hockey team just riding a bus to their next game should be untouchable, it should be a safe place, and they should have no worries other than scoring goals and avoiding getting hit too hard on the ice. My kids don't play hockey or any big sport yet, but I know they will board the bus for games or field trips, and I can only hope they will be kept safe.

So I let E play his video games for a little longer than normal, and I let him eat a few more treats, and I spent a few more minutes snuggling with him, and I try to yell at him less.  You can't know what the future holds, and you can't always keep your kids safe from everything, but while they are with you, you can show them love.  I know love doesn't mean letting them get away with everything, but on weekends like this, it does.

On a related note, in the sermon at church yesterday the minister said that death does not end the love that you had for the person.  He was talking about Jesus and his disciples of course (#Easter) but it also relates to people we lose in our own lives.  It is hard to remember that sometimes because the feeling of loss is so overwhelming, especially at first.  Those mamas who lost their boys on Friday night still have all that love with them and will never lose that.

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  1. So very sad and so very true. I have such anxiety when i read these things too!