Monday, April 16, 2018

Three Things

Three things going on with us a the moment...

Q (18.5 months)
1. Q has moved into the toddler room at school.  They have dance and music once a week and also yoga once a month.  Q will go into downward dog if you ask him to, so cute.  I like this photo because Q is the one sitting off to the side, not doing the poses, and looking away.

2.  He is really getting good at using a spoon and enjoys feeding himself yoghurt and apple sauce, with only a little mess. 

3.  His words are coming along slowly but surely.  He can mostly get across his point but he gets very mad when he cannot communicate well enough. 

1. He got another 10/10 on his spelling test last week and we were very proud of his efforts!

2.  He will be playing t-ball this summer and he got a new mitt, helmet, and cleats (that will also double for soccer cleats). 

3.  He has days where he never stops talking, like Saturday.  I asked him if he was tired from talking all day and he said, "No! I never get tired!!" Accurate.

Dave and Me
1. Dave watches every single Raptors game and so now that the playoffs have started, he will be glued to the TV.  I'll be watching too, but maybe not as intently!

2. We are also trying to sort out all of our spring and summer weekends.  With some trips, visitors, and local events, we went to make sure nothing gets forgotten!  No fun left behind. 

3. Dave was away for five days last week, and then with his flight being delayed for several hours, his arrival early Friday morning (instead of Thursday evening) meant he was out of commission for a sixth day.  We are back to being a team this week!

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