Friday, April 20, 2018

Friday Favourites

April is more than halfway over, I can't believe it! That means we are in the midst of spring, despite the weather, and that, dare I say it, summer will soon be here!  I love Toronto in the summertime and I can't wait!

I ordered a couple of books from Amazon this week including this one.  I read the comments on Erika's post on Tuesday about raising a grateful child and this book was recommended several times.  I don't think E is ungrateful, usually quite the opposite, but I didn't think it would hurt to read the book and learn a few things.  

I also wanted to order this book but it was going to arrive too late for a gift I want to give, so I will try to find it at Chapters.  

Because of that book, this book was suggested so I put it in my cart.  We saw the episode of This Week Tonight when they talked about it and it looks good.  

I always loved Dawson's Creek and so I of course follow Joshua Jackson on Instagram and Twitter.  I saw he was on Q last week so I downloaded the interview.  He is starring in a Broadway play right now and so the interview as mostly about that, but also about his Creek days.  He seems like a very intelligent and passionate about his work. Listening to this reminded me how much I like Q and Tom Power is a good host, I will try to listen more often. 

My workouts always end with savasana and the instructor always sprays this around the room.  It is so nice, and it also doubles as a yoga mat spray, so I want to pick up a bottle the next time I am at Saje.

Yesterday I asked for recommendations for Chicago.  I need more!

Enjoy your Friday and weekend!

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  1. That sage spray sounds so awesome!! I’ve added that book to my list!

  2. I heard that interview on Q...Recognized the voice right away. I'll have to look for that spray.