Monday, April 30, 2018

"Having it all"

The other day at the event I went to where they talked about the personality test, the presenter also posed the question: "Show of hands, who thinks they have a balanced life".  I raised my hand, but soon saw that the question was supposed to be rhetorical and no one else had raised their hands.  So then I took my hand down.  There is a misconception out there that we are all supposed to be running around with our heads cut off and straining to find this elusive balance.  Do I think my life is perfect? No. But do I think I'm doing a good job? Sure!

So many articles are written about "having it all", this is apparently very difficult for women especially.  But what does "all" mean?  Chances are, you already have it all, or at least enough.  The problem is that people don't realize it, they are always looking back or looking ahead, either yearning for the "good old days" or waiting for that day when everything will be perfect. I don't mean all of the time, sure there are bad days when you miss people who are gone, or you are not enjoying school or work or your home and you know there will be a bright day ahead when you can make a change there, but there are lots of good things that can get overlooked.

I am not a psychologist or life coach, but I will say this:  Think about what is important to you, and keep it simple - family time, sleep, exercise, career, etc.  Then make quality time in your day for those things.  I say quality, not necessarily quantity, because we are busy people, but when you've got some time, do the things you enjoy and the things that are important to you.  When you know you've spent time doing those things, you can feel better that your life is balanced. And then you can stop chasing it!

I wrote this post about things that I like to do and how I fit them into my day.


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