Monday, March 20, 2017

Workin' it Wednesday (on Monday)

This edition of Workin' it was postponed from earlier, and it falls on today's date.

I'm linking up with Shay and Erika to talk about how I balance work and home life. 

Right now I'm on maternity leave so work is on the back burner for now.  That being said, I still have a lot going on throughout the day.

It is rare that I am only doing one thing at a time and that helps me do the "extra" things I like to do. I like to read blogs and my social media, so I will do that while I'm nursing Q.  I like to read books, so I'll do that while I'm waiting in line or in the car for something.  I listen to podcasts while I'm walking to do errands. I work on my blogs while watching TV.  I like to cook and bake so I do those things with my kids as an activity - quality time and something yummy to eat, all in one.

I plan things, like trips and parties, out long in advance.  It helps me to get everything figured out so I only have to think about it once.  Thinking about something once also saves time.  I can spend a few minutes planning our meals for the week, and making a grocery list, and then I save time each day.  

I am constantly making lists. I have a running to do list on my phone and I'll add everything to it that I need to get done that day.  It helps to keep me on track so when I find myself with a spare minute I can refer to my list and get something else done. 

When I am working, I try to leave all of my work at the office.  When I get home, my phone usually stays in my bag until the kids go to bed.  I may answer some work emails at that time, but typically I wait until I get back to the office the next morning.  

My secret weapon in getting stuff done is this guy:

We take turns putting E to bed (although he has been doing it more often since Q came along), he picks up and drops off E at school a lot of time, he cleans up, makes meals, and keeps our finances and home renovations organized.    

Speaking of Dave, it is his birthday today!!  I see some tacos and ice cream cake in our future for tonight.  A few gifts and a Raptors basketball game tomorrow :) Happy Birthday to our favourite guy!


  1. Happy birthday to Dave. I'm always multitasking too

  2. Happy birthday to Dave! Loved reading your tips on how you handle everything!