Friday, March 3, 2017

Friday Favourites/Life Lately

The girls I usually link up with are taking a break from this week's Friday Favourites link up so I am sharing what is going on over here lately.

I am trying to introduce some more "superfoods" into my diet.  This is made easier by the Bulk Barn within walking distance; I can pick up smaller amounts of these things.  I added some hemp hearts and chia seeds to my yoghurt and berries (although apparently they are more beneficial if you soak them before eating).  Dried fruit (apricots below) and nuts are becoming my go to snack, rather than a cheese sandwich.  

Being a parent is never boring, once you think you've got a handle on things, something else comes up.  After our meeting with E's teacher a few weeks ago, we realized we needed to spend more time helping him with his reading and writing.  I'm no kindergarten teacher but I did make this fishing game with Sight Words.  We've only done it a couple of times, but we're trying!

Q is very close to rolling over consistently on his own.  He has done it maybe twice without help.  

It is tax time! We have always done our own taxes (after our parents stopped doing them for us in university!) and it isn't too complicated.  Just waiting for a few last tax slips to come in and then we will file.  As much as we love Justin Trudeau, Dave blames him personally for the taxes we pay throughout the year, hopefully our humble refund will placate Dave a little bit ;)

I mentioned this discipline book a few weeks ago.  I finally finished it and this week got around to making some reading notes for it.  I felt like I was in university again, but I managed to condense the book down to two written pages (front and back!).  Dave didn't read the book so this will help me review the concepts with him, and will also be a reminder for me.

We celebrated Pancake Tuesday this week.  I made our regular recipe for pancakes but substituted buckwheat flour (see superfoods reference above) for the white flour.  They were a little drier than normal, but nothing some maple syrup couldn't fix.  See also in this photo, Robert the Raccoon, the classroom stuffy that E got to bring home for the night.  Robert (pronounced the French way) belonged to E's teacher when she was in kindergarten.

We are going to a French dinner party on Saturday night and are to bring the soup course.  Although French Onion Soup would be my preference, it is not very portable, so I'm planning to make a vegetable soup from one of these cookbooks. 

The house repairs are always on the go around here.  Dave took down some loose and cracked plaster on the stairway this week.  He's patched it with drywall and then will mud it next week to finish it off. 

Happy Friday everyone. 


  1. You are dong a super job, Mom! Healthy, happy home!

  2. I'm loving the fishing game for the sight words. The bob books are great for early readers too!