Thursday, March 2, 2017

Monthly Goals

My goals for February were:

Do something special for Valentine's Day for the whole family.  Done.  We didn't do anything crazy, but we had a fun breakfast and a special dessert.  Here is a post about our day.

Start putting some ideas together for decorating our living room.  Not done.  The most I have done is liked a photo on Instagram that sort of looks like something I would like.  We have a blue rug already so this would be a good start for inspiration.

Take E out for lunch on a school day.  Done, sort of.  I picked him up from school early on a PA day (he spent the morning at the Y), so although we went out for lunch, we didn't need to rush back for the bell.

Plan a girls' night out with the ladies from my neighbourhood.  Done.  We went up to our friendly neighbourhood restaurant for some wine after dinner.  We will try to get out again next month.

Go for two or three runs.  Done.  Now all of these runs were on the treadmill when we were on holiday in Jamaica, but they still count.

Plan our summer.  Done, sort of. We will put E in some camps and I will register for those this weekend, but we don't know what we are doing with the rest of the summer.  Plus if Q gets into daycare for August 1, that will also change some things.

For March, I want to accomplish the following:

1. Stick to my Lent activities.
2. Clean out kitchen cupboards and introduce some jars for keeping bulk food.
3. Start Q on solid foods.
4. Decorate for Easter.
5. Make dentist appointments for E and me.
6. Make eye appointments for Q and E.  Apparently you should take babies in around 6 months old for a check up.

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  1. Runs no matter where or on what count! And yay for girls' night! I'm loving that inspiration pic