Thursday, March 30, 2017

Monthly Goals

My goals for March were:

Stick to my Lent activities.  I have done some of these but almost as predicted, I have not done them everyday.  As Easter draws near, I will choose a few more to complete.

Clean out kitchen cupboards and introduce some jars for bulk food.  Done.  I love throwing things out, and the expired date on some food makes it okay to pitch it.  There were a few things I was holding on to thinking we would eat them eventually, but I finally got rid of them.  We had tons of big jars from pasta sauce and now they house pasta, rice, popcorn, nuts, and yes, some candy.

Start Q on solid foods.  Done.  We've tried sweet potato and pear so far (and cereal of course).  Next up, carrots, peas and apples.  Although overwhelming, it is exciting to introduce these new flavours to Q.

Decorate for Easter.  I've done half of our decorations, but I need to find an Easter tree for the rest.  This weekend I will be on the hunt for one.  We got rid of the plant that I had decorated last year.

Make dentist appointment for E and me.  Done.  Actually E already had an appointment scheduled for May.  I have to go back tomorrow for some fillings :(

Make eye appointments for Q and E.  Done.  They said I didn't need to bring Q in until next year, unless I was worried about something.

My goals for April are:

1. Clean the inside of the car and get all of the winter dirt out.
2. Pay my library fines.  It's only about $6, but I still want it done.
3. Get my hair cut.
4. Go to Ikea.  We need a few things there like a new cutting board and some plastic kid bowls.
5. Try a new restaurant in Toronto, preferably with a patio.
6. Do some more outdoor exercise.

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