Wednesday, March 15, 2017

All about Mom and Dad

I borrowed the idea for this post from my blogger friend Sarita.  I asked E a list of questions about both Dave and me.  My questions/comments are in italics, his words are in regular font.

What is something I say a lot?
What about Dad?

What makes us happy?
When I listen. (This is true, we talk about listening a lot.)

What makes us sad?
When I don't listen.

How tall am I?
Twenty what?
How tall is Dad?
21 cm (He's always got the edge on me, even at small heights!)

How old am I?
How old is Dad?

What's my favourite thing to do?
Dance Party (I find this to be preferable to watching more episodes of Paw Patrol, etc.)
What about Dad?
I'll just say dance party

What makes us proud of you?
When I listen, and when I don't drop the remote. (This second answer was for Dad, since the day before the remote fell to floor for the millionth time and now the battery door won't stay closed.)

What is my favourite food?
Shrimp (This is actually one of E's favourite foods, I'm wondering if he was thinking of lobster.)
What is Dad's favourite food?
Anything more specific?
No, just snacks. (Accurate)

Do I have a favourite child?
Me (with a big smile!)
Does Dad have a favourite child?
Me and Evan
Yeah, my camping friend!! (Yes, Evan is a great kid, but I guess Q is not in the running here!)

If I could go anywhere, where would it be?
California (Accurate)
And Dad?
Jamaica? (We just went there so I'm guessing it was top of mind.)

What is my favourite song?
I got that sunshine in my pocket (From Trolls)
And Dad's?
Downtown (by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis)

What is my favourite movie?
I don't know
What is Dad's favourite movie?
Superheroes, I mean Avengers (followed by some zooming around and bouncing on the couch)

Where was I born?
Where was Dad born?
Well actually although we were both raised in Nova Scotia, we were both born in Toronto, just like you!
[blank stare]

What's our favourite show to watch?
I don't know that either.

Who's my best friend?
You mean Ellie's mom?
No, [furrowed brow], Jenna?
Oh you mean, Janna! (my best friend from growing up)
Who is Dad's best friend?
Me! And Q is my best friend. (Good thing I have Janna, the rest of my family is paired up!)

What scares me?
Monster that's going to eat you.
What scares Dad?
Somebody who is going to do karate in Dad's face!

How do you describe me to your friends?
What does that mean?
Like, if you're talking to your friends, what would you say about me?
My mom loves me. (Aww)
How would you describe Dad?
He's my best friend.  Wait, go back!! Hulk is his best friend for the other question.  And Dad is made out of spaghetti! (This is his new thing, saying "spaghetti" and "potatoes" instead of certain bathroom and body part words we are trying to eliminate from his vocabulary. I assured him that this is funnier than those words.)

He's a cute kid!

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