Friday, April 6, 2018

Friday Favourites

If you love cooking shows and anything British (like me), you have to check out The Big Family Cooking Showdown on Netflix.  It is just great, they make lovely food, and everyone is so pleasant.  

Speaking of great Netflix shows, I have recommended Queer Eye before but when the show was renewed for a second season, I started following all of the guys on Twitter, and they have become new favourites. They are real friends and tweet at each other all of the time, and it makes me happy to see them spread the love. 

This meal from Oh She Glows Everyday is so good and easy!  It's a red lentil and chickpea curry so lots of good plant based goodness.  This time I made the apple mango chutney and it was delicious.  I forgot to grab a photo until after the leftovers were put away.

One of my favourite breakfasts is plain yoghurt with fruit (fresh or frozen) and toppings of coconut, hemp hearts, ground chia seeds, sliced almonds, and cacao nibs. Yesterday I packed up a version of this to take to work with me and E, bless his heart, saw it on the counter and said "who's is this?!", and when I said it was mine, he was so disappointed because he said it contained "all of his favourite things (like mango, pineapple, and blueberries)".  I love despite all of the Easter candy he ate on the weekend, his favourite things are still fruit. 

I can't get enough of the Masters and all of the little videos and montages they put together.  I feel like I'm getting old because I remember when a lot of these guys won their green jacket.  Also, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm rooting for Tiger to do well (but also Rory!).

I shared our Easter weekend here.  I love the pictures of Q and E looking for the eggs.  It is my favourite holiday. 

My favourite Toronto tweeter posted this about Toronto winters, so accurate:

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  1. Lol at that tweet! And yes to kids loving fruit!!

  2. Aw, that's wonderful that he says fruit is his favorite. I had yogurt, granola, pecans, and coconut for breakfast myself with some grapes and my boys thought I was nuts. They'll eat the grapes but that's about it. They don't what they're missing!