Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Favourites

Another week has gone by, seriously!! Time to get linked up with my best friends from Texas AndreaErika and Narci!

1. I love that the "Throwback Thursday" show in Much Music (sort of the Canadian equivalent to MTV) and their "Retro 30" play music from the 1990s, my jams.  Right now "Country Grammar" by Nelly is on.  These are my favourite tunes, so I guess I need to accept that I am old now and these are indeed throwbacks. Fun fact, I know the words to many '90s rap and hip hop songs, probably more than you would think.  

2. If you have read the "Book of Negroes" by Lawrence Hill (called "Someone Knows My Name" in the United States) you would have heard of Birchtown and Shelburne Nova Scotia (Shelburne being my hometown).  Anyway, Birchtown always had Black Loyalist Heritage Centre but a few years ago it burned down.  They have rebuilt it and have done an amazing job.  I am excited to see it when I go home next time.  One of my favourite things is showing off my hometown to visitors because it is quite nice, even if it is small.  The new Black Loyalist Centre is going to host the inaugural Canadian Black Government Leaders Summit in June.  It is exciting that the Centre will be used for this event and exciting that new people will get to visit the area. 

3. Yesterday I shared my favourite microbreweries - two in Nova Scotia, one in Toronto, and one brand new one (that hasn't even opened yet) in Prince Edward Island.  I am also currently enjoying the 100th Meridian from Mill Street here in Toronto.  

4. Dave decided the other day that we should pick a longer book to read to E.  I have my old copy of Owls in the Family by Farley Mowat (a great Canadian author).  E wasn't that interested at first since there aren't many pictures in my version, but the other night I read him a whole chapter and I think he liked it.  I'm excited to read more to him.  It's a good book, and although I read it several times when I was little, I think it is a good "boy" book too (whatever that means).  Reading is one of my favourite things to do so I hope E will appreciate books as he grows up too.

5.  Long weekends are my favourite!  Happy May 2-4 to all you Canadians!  

This is the current scene at my house.  No, we aren't having a party, but Dave's parents are here and they got these 2-4s in the States.

Enjoy your weekend, wherever you may be doing. 


  1. I remember that book. Forget how the story goes...but it looks like outdoors adventures on the prairies. Have a fun long weekend!

  2. How funny that you would mentions "Someone Knows My Name". When we stayed at a B&B in Venice they had the book on their bookshelf. I spent the next three days reading it each night. When it was time for us to leave I asked them if I could keep it and they said yes! I have since passed the book on to another American living in Munich. The book really opened my eyes to the issues that England and Canada also faced... I had only heard stories from the American side. I'm happy to hear they are reopening the center. I would love to check it out someday.

  3. Love Farley Mowat...happy long weekend to you!