Monday, May 4, 2015

Weekend Recap

We had a weekend with no set plans and sometimes those turn out to be the best.  On Friday evening, we walked down to a local place, Baka Cafe.  We have stopped in here numerous times for coffee but hadn't had the chance to try the food.  On Fridays, they have pizza night with a pizza and beer or wine for $14.50.  And we got to enjoy our first patio dinner.  They have open mic nights there on Fridays and it looks like a pretty popular event for the neighbourhood.  

On Saturday morning Dave got up for a long bike ride (42 km!).  I took E to swimming and then I went up to get my hair cut.

Early morning T.O.

Dave worked on the garage this weekend, rebuilding part of the cement wall and taking out the old window.  He will rebuild the wood and replace the window when his dad is up in a couple of weeks.  We went to the church in the afternoon to get our pictures done for the church directory.  After we got home, I went for a run and Dave and E worked around outside.

Man of many talents

On Sunday E and I went to church and attended the Sunday School lunch and learn.  We had a nice lunch with the other Sunday school participants, sang some songs, did a craft and learned a bit about the curriculum.  When we got home from that, Dave had the bikes ready and we went on a bike ride to the lake and High Park.  It was a beautiful day and I was so glad to be outside!.
A new playground in our old neighbourhood

Loving this warm weather and the ability to be active!

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