Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Media Wednesday

I love TV, it has always been something I've enjoyed, so I wasn't under any illusion that we would be raising a screen-free child.  We do try to limit the amount of television that E watches.  We don't watch TV in the morning before school, and we only watch a show once or twice during the week after supper.  We often flip on the TV on the weekends, but usually that's because we are resting from doing something active outside.

I am particular about the shows that E watches though.  I prefer shows that are on CBC or Treehouse, rather than the Disney channel or Cartoon Network.  CBC and Treehouse show few to no commercials, and the majority of their shows have an educational or life lesson component.  We watch a few shows on Netflix too.

Our current favourite shows are:

Paw Patrol - There is only one season of this show on Netflix.  Apparently they have made a second season, with a new character named Everest, a mountain rescue dog, but I don't know when it will be coming out on Netflix.  Fun fact, the show is made in Toronto.

Chuck the Truck (which I see is actually named the more inclusive The Adventures of Chuck and Friends) - This is a pretty simple show, two 15 minute halves to the show with a lesson about how to get along with others, etc.

Octonauts - This is great because a real life ocean animal is featured in each episodes.  It also has a Star Trek vibe which I appreciate.

Space Racers - This is a new one, but I like it so far.  There are rocket/bird characters, and they are always exploring some aspect of space.  We have a book about space that really like so this is an extension of that in a way.

We watched our share of Super Why and Thomas the Train back when E was littler.  Not that those shows aren't still suitable for him now, but I think we have seen them all.

E's favourite movies are Fire and Rescue, The Lego Movie and Cars.  We have seen these a lot but I love them too so I don't mind.

Do you have any other suggestions for kids shows?

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